Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Something else to do

Well, my to-do list just got longer. My niece and I were chatting online earlier today. She told me that she is being confirmed this year. At church, she specified. Then she asked me if I knew what that meant. I asked her if it meant that she's going to start taking church as seriously as I do. (She is generally mystified by the strange desire I seem to have to go to church every week.) Her response to that was "I don't know yet." Fair enough.

Then she sent me this email (unedited, except that I removed her teacher's name):

Hey Danedy, My language teacher, Mrs. S., taught me something i didnt know!(well i guess that thats a givin) but still, she taught us something i didnt know about something i would have figured you would have told me!!! :) well anyways one of our Lit Vocab words was allegory and she sais that The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe was an exzample of an allegory because....Azlan stands for like Christ(i knew that part) And that the four kids stood for the disciples Peter, Paul, Luke and John(i think thats what she siad...Im not TOTALY sure i mean cummon Language is 6th period hehe). AND this is the part i bet u didnt know CS Lewis wrote this for his NIECE(hint hint)when she was being confirmed. Ok Well im gunna talk to u now :)

So now, I apparently need to write a book for her. I asked her if it would count if I dedicate my dissertation to her. No such luck. She wants a book she'll want to read.

I think the best hope is that, at some point, we'll meet in the middle. Maybe I'll we able to write a not-so-academic work and she'll grow into an interest in my field.