Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Witness to kindness

No long apologies for the lack of blogging. But I'm sorry, and I expect to do better starting in about 4 weeks, when I leave for Rome for the academic year. Until then, it will likely remain sparse.

But here's a quick story for you, from my day attempting to get some work done in a coffee shop.

Older woman, looking for directions, very confused. Asking again and again for clarification of the obvious. She just couldn't get it. Young lady behind the counter, not more than 20 years old. Remarkable patience. Explaining again and again. More patience. I was really impressed. I told her so. Her coworker, who had approached by then, seemed to think she was TOO patient, and should have blown the woman off. The young woman said "that just wouldn't have been right; she was confused and needed help."

I was glad I witnessed this little kindness, this small evidence of a well-functioning moral compass.