Sunday, April 29, 2007

Crossing the Line

Now, in order to appreciate fully the thrill that I'm attempting to share with you, it is crucial for you to understand that I am a Texan. I grew up in a place where you had to drive about 5 hours to get out of the state; more like 8 if you wanted someone to speak English when you got there. Getting out of state is a major enterprise.

Not so in my current location, but that doesn't matter much. Tonight, I drove to another state just to have dinner with some friends. That makes me strangely happy. Of course, they are also good friends, and they make me happy, too.

They also reminded me that I need to blog more. It's nice to be reminded that you have readers, and yes, I will try to blog more.

Summertime should help.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Poetic moments

Last week, I had occasion to hear Galway Kinnell read some of his poetry, which was wonderful. Here are a couple gems.

He has a poem entitled "Prayer." Last week, as I was finishing up Augustine's Confessions with my students, trying to get them to see that the whole of life is about our yearning for God, about our learning to want God and to want everything else only in light of God, this poem struck me as proof of something a professor of mine used to say, that every theologian is a failed poet. Here it is in its entirety.
Whatever happens. Whatever
what is is is what
I want. Only that. But that.
And just a line from a longer poem ("The Fundamental Project of Technology") that struck me when I heard it and has come back to me often: "Awareness of ignorance is as devout / as knowledge of knowledge. Or more so."

May God have mercy on us for what we know, for what we fail to know.