Sunday, September 04, 2011

Maria sopra Minerva

Well, I'm already falling behind on blogging.  A couple of quick reports: I went to Mass last Sunday at St. Peter's, the full-on Latin solemn chant "smells and bells" version.  I was glad I did that ... once.  Today, I decided to go to my favorite church from my first visit to Rome, Santa Maria sopra Minerva.  Now, as if to form the complete contrast, there wasn't a lick of singing there today.  Very simple Mass.  In fact, it felt sort of like daily Mass, even though it was Sunday.  I may have to keep looking.

But I do love the church at Maria sopra Minerva, probably mostly because I love Catherine of Siena, and it seems like a bit of a miracle to be so close to her earthly remains, to light a candle, and to pray in thanksgiving for all of the wise and holy and strong women I know, and to pray that I might be one, too.  I actually knelt before her body for quite a while, entrusting friends with health crises, friends with faith crises, friends with vocation crises, to the intercessions of this powerful spiritual force.

I'll also add that I really feel a dose of "girl power" in this place.  Centuries upon centuries of honoring holy, wise, strong women in this place are palpable.  It was good to be there.


Fritz Bauerschmidt said...

Try the Sunday Evening Mass at Santa Maria in Transtevere. It's the San Egidio Community's Mass. It pretty good, particularly considering what else is on offer.

Linda Reid said...

I bet you have a hard time finding a liturgy you like in Rome!! That is my fear when we go!!
Ps: Hello Fritz! How do you know Dana??

Fritz Bauerschmidt said...

We are different generations of Duke students, plus she teaches in the second best undergraduate theology department on the east coast.